Friday, September 09, 2011

How the Professionals do it

I've featured Dan's armies before on the blog, as I'm a great admirer of them; he's well known in Warhammer circles for producing some of the most imaginative, best painted, and toughest tournament armies.  He was in at the LWGC last week with his latest force:

That's an entire 1500 tournament Chaos Warrior army.  Typically Dan goes for small super-elite forces he can pretty up easily.  The Chaos Warriors are based on Black Orcs and certainly look the business.

Sadly the Chaos Sorcerers' are somewhat hidden at the back of the units, one of which featured a marvellous swirl of books flying round the wizard.

The centrepiece of the army (if it is fair to call any part of this force the centrepiece!) if the amazing flying sorcerer; riding a monolith through the air.  Whether this counts as a chariot or flying carpet I don't know, but it was certainly impressive.

If it goes to form, these will win a few best painted awards, place highly or win a few tournaments (Dan certainly knows his way around a game of Warhammer as well as a paintbrush) before ending up on eBay to fund his next project.

For some this would seem a shame, but I think Dan gets as much pleasure from coming up with and executing his next grand idea, as anything else.

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