Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anima Tactics - Les Jaeger

Prior to moving house last month I made a start on a second team for Anima Tactics, models I'd gathered over the previous few months but yet to start.  After several large projects the idea of painting just five models in detail again appealed, and meant that there wouldn't be too much to pack during the move.

Once shifted I was able to complete the project in short order and get to gaming with them.  So swiftly in fact, that the first photographs of the models were taken at the LWGC:

 Les Jaeger are the Azur Alliance's special forces team, tuned to stealth operations.  They are a mix of stealth, hit and run tactics and mystical forces.  The team above, supported by one of their agents is suitable for 200 level games.

In command is the Colonel:

A model requiring lots of paint effects that are new or unfamiliar at least to me.  The flame came out reasonably, but I always think of it as a definitively unrealistic object to make in metal.  As for the lighting effect of the flame on the Colonel's clothes, well, it's okay for a first try but I'm not overly impressed.

Reinhold is second in command, and a specialist combat psychic:

 Like all of the models in this team, the bulk of the model is black.  Which means a fast paint job.  I highlighted each character to a slightly different theme, in this case, working up to a navy blue.

Kyler is the third of the team, and is a specialist in stealth and close up assasination:

Um, the only thing to say about this model is, that were it not part of the team, I wouldn't have bothered with it, as it just looks wrong from every angle.  Some of the very early AT models are not all that good, this being one of them.  To their credit they do seem to produce resculpts of some...

The last key member of the team is Kirsten, a long range specialist with a mysterious past:

A good model, rather simple though.

Lastly the team is filled out with Agent One:

Possibly my favourite of the models.  Being the most recently sculpted.  Incidentally, if you are looking at the bases and thinking what's going on with the untextured bit?  Well, it's actually filled with Water Effect; and clearly it doesn't show up on the camera very well!

Subsequently to taking the photos, myself and Joe had a small 200 point game, Joe has a couple of the Wanderer figures which teamed up with those of my collection.

The game was reasonably well balanced, but the advantages of Les Jaeger were enough to swing it.  In AT single faction teams are at a distinct points advantage over alignment based, mixed groups.  One of the highlights of the game was Reinhold using his psychic powers to move one of the few pieces of scenery on the board that wasn't fixed down.  Straight into a collision with one of Joe's warriors.

And the other was him blowing Joe's sole survivor apart with a final psychic blast.

Leaving little more than a puff of smoke.  Between them Reinhold and Kirsten were easily the most effective of the team, The Colonel was highly useful, but unlucky; whilst Kyler proved about as attractive a proposition as his model.

Still my first win at Anima Tactics in ages, which was nice.


  1. Very nice work there. Really like the flame and Agent one is fantastic.

  2. Very nice work on the minis, and the game and terrain. :)

  3. Nicely painted! You made a great job on the flame!