Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Some Painting Updates

It's a mixed bag today, but the end of the month has passed so I shall point out that the pledge result for August was 44, against a target of 30.  Being the 70eme Ligne, five Anima Tactics models (to appear soon); and the diorama below:

Yes, this was mine, I'm sure regulars guessed that.  An unwanted 40k Dreadnought, two Hasslefree miniatures naughty kids and a Miniart diorama were combined with lots of spare bits, clear plastic, barbed wire and naturally, paint.

As for the results, well I was pretty happy with the miniature graffiti, even if it proved curiously prescient.  As I suppose is the oxidisation of the burnt out Dread. 

The narrative of the scene being that the kid with the missile launcher was responsible for destroying the Dread with a hit to the left arm that caused the storm bolter ammo to cook off, setting fire to the rest of the machine.  Her friend, as any kid would has got her smart phone out to capture the result. 

The oxidising took about 8 layers to build up.  Then it was sealed with hair lacquer on the blue side and thereafter painted as if new.  This could then be soaked off and rubbed back to replicate melted and burned away paint.  The Hairspray technique is well established, but this was my first try at it, the results look more realistic, but to  gamer will look a little untidy, and it's not as quick to do as simpler weathering techniques.

A few nods of approval and favourable comments, but no prizes.

Elsewhere it was a month of scenery, some of which we've seen.  The main reason being that they were all commission jobs or for the club.  So I could hand them over to their new owners when done.

Two more buildings for Jason's Sylvanian town:

and lastly a few Lord of the Rings ruins, which wouldn't look out of place in parts of Post Roman Europe I think.  I could see the Huns all over these...

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