Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Close ups of Recon models...

The new ones anyway. For the display game I got away with producing very little (in my opinion - Neil did the hard work with the rules). I did paint three new cavalry, who will in time go on to form part of a full unit. But for now here is the sum total of the Garde Chasseurs au Cheval:

Front Rank miniatures, a lovely bright uniform in colours that should clash but actually complement each other in their richness.

Secondly the wagon, A Foundry model that probably should belong to a generation or two before the Napoleonics wars, but the cart driver here is just pleased to have a decent set of clothes. Clearly he is a civilian...


  1. Chasseur a Cheval in full dress are so eye-catching; surely a distraction to an opponent on the game table anyway. The wagon is very nice too. I could see him in smuggling troops in enemy territory. Dean

  2. Very nice,used to have a couple of those carts.