Monday, December 13, 2010

Maida: Order of Battle

OOB's for the Maida game were derived from Richard Hopton's book; as follows (Based on Black Powder rules):

French under Reynier (8)

Digonnet - (8)
1/23rd Leger - sharpshooters
2/23 Leger
9th Chasseurs - Heavy +1 cavalry
4lb'r battery

Peyri - (8)
1/1st Swiss
2/1st Swiss
1/1st Polish - unreliable
2/1st Polish - unreliable

Compere - Aggresive (8)
1/42nd Ligne
2/42nd Ligne
1/1st Leger - Sharpshooters
Detached Voltiguers - Skirmish, Marauders, Sharpshooters

All French and Swiss (not Polish) infantry in formed bodies gain +1 command and Tough fighters rule.

British under Stuart - (9)

Cole - (8)
Combined Grenadiers - Elite 5+, Reliable
27th Foot - Reliable
6lb'r Battery

Acland - (8)
81st Foot - Freshly Raised
78th Highland - Freshly Raised
6lb'r Battery

Kempt - (8)
Combined Light Battalion
Flankers - Skirmishers, Marauders
6lb'r Battery

Oswald - Hesitant (9)
Wattevilles Swiss
58th Foot

Ross (in Reserve) - (8)
20th Foot

All British troops (not Swiss or Flankers) gain First Fire rule. formed infantry on both sides had the Form Square rule.

In essence each unit on the table represented a single battalion, and to give proper balance I took it as read that each French regiment was formed of two battalions. Battalions were of 24 figures; the French cavalry of two squadrons becoming 16 models.

Each battery was represented as a single gun on table. The skirmish forces are recorded as of around 2-300 troops and so adequate to be represented as a force of 12 figures each.

Reserves arrived by roll of a die; on the controlling players turn if less than the current turn number was rolled, the reserves would arrive in the middle of the Left side of the table (as seen from the British position). A 5 or 6 always counts as a fail.

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