Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Swiftly, they Rise...

Well you might remember the photo's of these in bare plastic from around a week ago. But thanks to a simple and fast colour scheme, they are now finished and ready for the table!

For the Skeletons the main initial work was making sure there were enough spears; as some of the Mantic models are built as swordsmen it was necessary to a bit of converting. Spare spears from other sets came in handy to make up the short fall. Then a simple basecoat and drybrush combo served for the bone and metals, with cloth, shield, weapon and belts finished in more detail. If it wasn't drybrushed it was just a flat coat of paint.

This allowed a black tinted glaze to do all the hard work of the shading, and it was the same for the Zombies too:

These were obviously an even easier job to deal with, having as they did relatively little to them, little clothing, few weapons, etc. I used four different shades of rotting greenish grey flesh; though shaded it's really not that apparent.

One of the models in the Mantic Zombie sprue lunges forward with both arms, however I found it easy to remove the right arm and swap it around with the other models (who already had separate right arms). Adding weapons and using a handful of the leg sets from the Ghoul set improved the variety.

For these undead, I've gone for a new basing finish, more contemporary when compared to the lurid green of my other troops. I will eventually upgrade the whole force.
So that was seventy figures done in a matter of hours. About 300 points for my Kings of War forces. It also puts me well up on the pledge. Now, onto the next job!


  1. Excellent work, you put me to shame, I'd be lucky to finish that lot in a month. The miniatures look fantastic.

  2. These look really nice. I use Mantic's Ghouls in my VC army but I admit I've had some difficulty getting them to 'rank up'. It looks like their zombies are not as bad eh?