Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Highlights of 2010

This is one of those articles where I pontificate somewhat. It's been a busy year on the blog and in gaming in general, so I thought it worthwhile looking back at the best bits of the year.


Of course 2010 has been largely about the continued rise of the hard plastic miniatures, and my personal pick of the crop from this year would probably be a three way tie; between sets from Gripping Beast, Mantic and Perry Miniatures.

Gripping Beast's Vikings are quite simply beautiful, not perfect (some of the separate arms need work and poses can be repetitive) but so well detailed that it is hard not to love them.

The Mantic Skeletons are as recent posts will have shown lovely little models, great value and at least as interesting as the latest generation of GW undead (and much better than their older models). Their well thought out and crisp models that show what can be done in the fantasy genre.

But the overall winner for me are the Perry Napoleonic Cavalry sets, notably the Hussars. Absolutely beautiful models, and suitable for no end of uses. Every aspect of them is as good as or superior to metal models for a fraction of the price. Delightful.

Honourable mentions must go to the Victrix British Artillery, Immortal Greeks and Plastic Soldier WW2 Russians. But the Perries really have it.


Well that's a simple one, Black Powder, all the way! The best set of rules I've played in years, and has made it possible for me to do the sorts of games I always wanted, without the rules getting in the way. I know they are not everyones cup of tea, but they suit my mindset and have brought many players to the periods they cover.

Runners up would be Battlefield Evolution - World at War and of course Kings of War, two sets of rules which revitalised armies I'd not used in many a year.


Hmm, well in the latter months it's been the chance to replay some actual battles; Maida and Barrosa. I know there are many gamers for whom this is their bread and butter, but for me it is a rare treat to take on the mantle of an actual general and try to emulate or change history. These aside, putting my 15mm Zulus and British on the table for the first time ever sticks in my mind. Most recently, doing a display game again - my first since about 2000 - was a satisfying experience.

The Blog goes from Strength to Strength

At the start of the year, I'd had close to 40,000 hits and about 30 followers; I mused that by the end of the year I may arrive at 60,000 hits. Well I've doubled that and found many more people inclined to read my jibberish. Thanks all and I hope to entertain you further. There are so many blogs out there now that I fail dismally to keep up with more than a selection; my own blog list is so in need of expanding to add the ones I also now enjoy. Let's all keep writing!

And the Flipside

Finally giving up on Warhammer 40k represents the gaming nadir of the year. I find that Sci-fi gaming in general holds only sparse interest for me now; Years ago I drew and arbitrary gaming line at 1999 and vowed not to go beyond it; and now I don't find little in 'future' wars to entertain me. I still have my Epic models and a half finished Space Marine army, but even they may go eventually. Selling models is tough, but inevitable at times.

Also, I must add, my main Napoloenics adversary moving down south is a bit of a blow!

So there we go, the year in a nutshell.

What of next year? Well that will follow in another post...


  1. I have to agree. Black Powder is a great game. It's what wargaming should be. I can't wait until Hail Caesar is released next year.

  2. Congratulations on the contuing success of the blog. I'm not normally one to read 'wordy' blog posts (I follow 50+ and there just isn't time) but I always make an exception for this blog. Keep up the good work!