Sunday, May 09, 2010

Plastic Surprises

I ended up visiting my local model shop t'other day; more or less by accident, and inside I found three new sets of Plastic 28mm models to greet me.

There were two I knew were out or due very soon; the Perry Hussars and the Victrix Artillery. Now I already have the latter on order so I will bide my time for a full review; and I resisted the former.

But the real surprise was to see these:

Immortal Miniatures long promised but not expected Hoplites. Only £16 for 34 models - four sprues of 8 rank and file and two command figures on a separate sprue. These really look like nice models, the crummy cameraphone photo doesn't do them justice.

I managed to resist these as well, for now, mainly as I'd need more storage space if I added them to my Spartans, though to be fair, they are also more suited to the Athenians or city state troops. Still I would recommend these to anyone looking to start or expand an Ancient Greek army.

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