Monday, May 03, 2010

Desert Village

A random selection of resin 20 & 25mm buildings were passed to me by the club, some recognisable as Hovels Miniatures, others unidentifiable. Anyway I did a quick paint job...

Basically a terracotta base, with Magnolia drybrushed over and highlights of white to finish. Then other details as required. All very easy, and quick.

But what has been attacking the village?

Perhaps it's the 'Sledgehammer to crack a nut' Americans? In their bomb laden P47?

Or maybe the imperialistic Japanese in their A6m Zero?

Two recent additions to my BE World @ War collection. The P47 is an ancient Heller model picked up second hand for a few quid. It has the advantage of being a simple and therefore sturdy kit. The Zero is from Hobby Boss, a Chinese company I think, and although a little simplified, is made from very few parts. The etching of the parts is far superior to the thirty plus year old P47 model. In both cases I had to cobble together versions of the plane with the landing gear up.
Both fun little diversions from the regular models, and a great break from Germans!

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