Friday, May 28, 2010

2/10th Portuguese

As I think I've mentioned, I splurged on some fancy pants metal Napoleonics again; from my favoured manufacturer - Front Rank. It was time to begin to populate the Portuguese aspects of my Anglo-Portuguese army:

Serving as part of Wellingtons army from the very beginning in 1809 and forming part of Major General John Hamilton's Portuguese Division in 1811, these represent the 2nd Battalion of the 10th Portuguese regiment.

As ever with Front Rank the individual models are beautiful and and a joy to paint. My onlgripe being that there is not the slightest variety in the poses.

To add a bit of class to the unit I decided to give them a mounted colonel, who has painted up a treat; I'm particularly happy with the horse. And in general the blue of the jackets is perfect.

This gives me eight Battalions of foot for my Anglo Portuguese, not bad! How will they perform in combat though?...

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