Saturday, May 29, 2010

Guess what, Germans again...

Now I don't want to dwell on these, but it's a big weekend for blog posts and I thought I'd pop in the most recent Germans to come out of the pocket money creation programme!

A complete Battlefield Evolution army 1,500 points of filthy SS Germans:

This lot include armoured support in the form of a Hat Armourfast Panther (generally a very good little kit) and a HQ transport option in the form of an Academy Kubelwagen (an excellent model which came as a bonus in an aircraft kit I wanted). I had good fun with the camouflage pattern on the Panther, and some effective weathering.

This was my first go at the classic autumn pattern SS camo in years, I think I really nailed it here; whadd'ya think?
Sold on eBay for about £50 to a regular customer. very satisfied, but now burnt out on Germans. Next up for me is some Japanese reinforcements for my own collection.

In other news, I've just noticed the blog has passed a notable landmark; 50,000 hits. Thanks to my increasing and apparently loyal readership; at least I can be sure with numbers like that it's not just me constantly checking the site that's distorting the figures!

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