Wednesday, May 12, 2010

8th Ligne

Another unit of Napoleonics, though this time for my French, and the first in some two months or more. Amazingly, its been four months since I did my other unit of French infantry.

I’d picked up another box of the Perry French infantry, which allowed me enough models too get two more full units out of what was to hand. To do this though I had to second in some of my last Victrix French for commanders.

The 8th Ligne served in the Peninsular, losing an Eagle at Barossa, presumably to their eternal shame.

I was able to put together a full regiment of men in Great coats for this lot. This does not actually make them all that quicker to paint, yes a little, but not all that much! I felt a bit rusty doing this lot anyway; but the finished effect is not too bad, and it means I can now field a French/allied Brigade, complete with a Brigadier and skirmishing troops.

Next for the Napoleonics? The Portuguese.

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