Monday, May 10, 2010

Late update - April Pledge

It completely slipped my mind to update progress on this; not least as photo's of all the April output have already gone up on site.

April saw me get back to a little more regular work, helped by some leave time (May is proving similar so the next update will also help me get through the thin months of more socialising than painting). In total the Germans, Village, and Aircraft I finished in April gave me a total of 93 points.

For the record, I rate points thus:

Standard scaled models 15-28mm:

Infantry: 1
Cavalry: 2
Guns, Small vehicles, Simple or small terrain features: 5
Large vehicles, large or complex terrain, aircraft: 10

Anything smaller than 15mm would score half or less.

Anyhoo, that's all a bit anal now I see it typed down! In simple terms though, i set myself the aim of painting 50 points of models a month this year and April is again well up on that, though only the Zero Fighter was for my own collection. The running total for the year is 277, against a target of 200.

However I also proposed that half of the output would be for my own collections, in fact (more nerdiness) I find 106 points of what I've painted are still in my hands; not half but just over the target.

All that makes me sound a bit like an accountant. I'm not, I swear!

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