Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saving Private McRae

Last Sunday saw a mini campaign to get a new player into the Napoleonics gaming with his recently acquired (and thus unpainted) highlanders.

We played through three mini scenarios, I'd designed with the aim as using as tutorials for the rules. The first being a simple fire and manoeuvre task, the second - below - introducing assaults and split commands. The Highlanders, at the top of shot, needed to cross the bridge, past the Irish Legion guards, to meet up with their Spanish guides.

In the final scenario the remaining troops had to push past French formed troops to reach the friendly embrace of a company of their own men. In increasingly involving engagements Gav was able to get six of his ten highlanders and three of his Spanish guides back to friendly lines.

Elsewhere Mark, Bob and Steve were trying Lasalle again, in 6mm. French and Prussians clashed in tiny scale:

The antithesis of my 28mm's; but none the worse for that!

All in all Napoleonics gaming is becoming a regular feature at the club, which is good, and with our next big game of Napoleon coming up, I can only hope to attract more interest to the period.

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