Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First game of the year

The gaming club reopened its doors after the festive season, and I forced my way through the snow for a game. No full report this time, as I neglected to take enough photo's, but myself and a first time visitor player a 2000 point scenario from an old White Dwarf. I used my Dogs of War again, knowing he too had a Dwarf army, and tuned most of the Magic out and added my own Dwarves and some flying cavalry.

A game where I think I kept him contained, and negated most of his advantages (the scenario helped too). It ended as a perfectly reasonable draw.

With an upcoming tournament there were a lot of Warhammer players around; these models have often caught my eye, but today I got a photo of them. Barney the Dinosaur is evil; proof:

Some of the Harrogate gamers turned up too, and did their best to fill a table with every 15mm German and Russian tank in their collections.

I didn't get to see the game in action. But it looked impressive. How it would play with models packed in like a Tesco car park in the days before Xmas is anyone's guess.

The Leeds Night Owls weathered the storms and silence of deep winter well, and was a busy and vibrant evening. If you are local and looking for a game, get down there!

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