Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ah, I love a good pun. Battlefield Evolution again and back to World War Two. Bob fielded 1500 points of nicely painted British Paratroops against my German Grenadiers.

Bob selected to attack, whilst I'd opted to defend; the scenario generator indicated that he'd be on an all out rush to take the village, whilst I'd be trying to hold out with less than half my force for the first three turns.

However, from the out set things went badly for the Para's. A well concealed Pak 40 was the first concern for him, as a well placed shot destroyed his only heavy weapon. Elsewhere a sniper blocked his flank advance, and my armoured car was able to select targets at will...

In three turns Bob made little progress, and had no luck with the dice. Intact buildings became graves for his men as my prepared positions could simply out shoot him. His face sank further when the reserves arrived, amongst them a Panther.

(Put batteries in that baby, and it runs on it's own tracks!)
Two more sections of men and a headquarters, with a mortar team, meant Bob was now caught in a deadly crossfire. His central advance was found wanting in open ground and was hammered by artillery, machine gun and tank fire. There was some stiff resistance, but the losses were appalling and the Para's had to withdraw.

After the battle the casualties amounted to 13 German and no equipment, against 39 British and a Six Pounder. Bob cursed his lack of mobility, and ranged firepower, whilst recognising that attacking was a bad choice. Next time the rematch will see if he can learn the lessons of this engagement; but for now:
"For you Tommy, der var ist over."

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  1. Isn't that how it should be? Surely if we've learned nothing else from the last war then it is that unsupported lightly armed troops find it hard to take on prepared positions waiting for them.
    A lesson we were still learning in 1982 during the Falklands at Goose Green.