Thursday, January 21, 2010

Captain Tocino

There is a notable gap in my Dogs of War army, for non-magical personalities. I'm pretty much limited to wizards and the Paymaster, with the exception of the General on a Winged Lion I sometimes use.

I had a rummage in the bits box and found a spare Empire knight, and oddly enough the Empire General's horse, I acquired last year in a DOW related spending spree. These with a bit of amendment would serve nicely as a freelance commander for smaller games. I hacked off all the skull and comet iconography, made a new shield and replaced a skeleton with a charging spike:

This is a good example of the use of a simple and strong theme to make for both a quick paint job and a striking model. I undercoated the whole model black, then over brushed and drybrushed the horse in a rich set of reddish browns.

Overbrush the armour gun metal, then follow up with drybrushes of steel and silver. Paint all the greens and use layered highlights to keep it neat and bright. Paint the yellows and the bronze work in the same way (bronze is shaded with red or brown and the final highlight is gold). Do the flesh, saddle and scrolls; and its all over.

A Sunday evening job with a film on, not bad at all.

BTW; Tocino is Spanish Bacon; keeping up the theme of naming all my DOW units after continental foodstuffs. I do like a good pun.

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