Saturday, January 23, 2010


"Unconventional and uncouth, Thomas Picton was one of the best of the senior officers working with the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsula.

A life-long soldier, Picton fought in the American War of Independence, served in the West Indies and eventually became Governor of Trinidad in 1801. His style of leadership was unpopular and he resigned only to find himself facing charges of allowing a woman to be tortured. Cleared of wrong doing, Picton became a major-general and went to Walcheren, but suffered health problems while Governor of Flushing and returned to Wales.

His next military assignment was to join Wellington in the Peninsula where he proved himself time and again as commander of the 3rd "Fighting" Division. At Fuentes de Onoro, Badajoz and Vitoria he won admiration for his courage, if not his manners. Wellington described him as "a rough-mouthed devil", but one in which he had supreme confidence.

In 1813 he was knighted and promoted to lieutenant-general. Joining Wellington again in 1815, he led the 5th Division at Quatre Bras and was wounded during the battle. Fearing it would mean his being replaced, Picton hid the fact he had been injured and so lined up at Waterloo two days later. It was a fatal decision, as he was shot through the head and died while leading his men forward. Famed for his roughness and unusual dress style - a shabby greatcoat and round hat being favourites - he even wore a nightcap during the battle at Bussaco."

A lovely little Perry model designed and painted as Wellington's best general. Picton will also serve as a wealthy civilian or spy in skirmish games. A nice break from formal uniforms, and a good chance to experiment with some different blues.


  1. I've got Picton in my 6mm British Army - you can just make out his umbrella!

    Nice figure you have there.

  2. Nice. Picton has always been a favorite of mine.