Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guerrillas & Germans

The first new models for 2010 are of course bits that were either finished or nearly there last year. Mostly a commission job of yet more WW2 Germans, but a handful of figures for Napoleonic skirmishes snuck through as well:

El Mirador's Spanish guerrillas; originally a pack of Foundry Press Gang models, plus a rogue Essex Rifleman; a little rearming and an appropriate paint job see them ready to scourge friend and foe alike in a search for revenge and booty.

And simply because I have the photo's, here come the Germans!

I think I painted something like 350 20mm Germans alone last year; they are a tidy little earner. But I wish other WW2 units were as popular, I get really bored of the same thing time after time.

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