Friday, December 11, 2009

Trampled Underfoot

Taking on a tourney army to help the owner tune it for competition is asking for a short game if you play Warhammer like I do, badly! Dan is a well know modeller and enthusiastic competition gamer, who’s armies often win painting awards, but are always, like many tourney armies I suppose, leaning towards cheesiness of the highest order. This game was to be of no exception.

In 1500 point, he had managed to squeeze, quite comfortably, three stegadons; giant dinosaur-esque tanks, laden with high volume firepower and magic attacks. I at least knew what to expect and so tweaked my army to try to stop them with, theoretically high accuracy artillery and total magic denial.
In the event only the latter of those worked.

My artillery had one of those days, the Grudge Thrower accounted for two skinks all game, despite being designed not to miss, it missed often. On the other hand my cannon lost the opportunity to really do damage when the crew fled, costing it three turns of firing, though it did eventually get back into action.

Ordinarily I would have conceded a game like this early on, as it was going so badly, but for once, as it was also going so quickly I stuck with it. At the last gasp we had knocked out two of his characters and managed to kill one Steggie.

Dan generously pondered whether I’d done enough to pull a draw; I could have told him the answer to that, and was proved right when he totted it up as a 1000 point victory for him.

Even in the raw the models look great though, and Dan is a pleasure to play against. As this sample show, when the whole army is painted it’ll be quite something.

Not just the finest matured cheese ;-P


  1. not one to follow the gw cheese but why is there a stargate on the dino?


  2. It's an awesome warmachine of cheese! I forget the exact name, but once it gets within 12 inches of the enemy you roll 2D6; every unit within the result range is hit for 2D6 strength 6 hits. The two of them in Dan's army accounted for 75% of my fighting strength. Savage!