Wednesday, December 30, 2009

27th Ligne

As a diversion from all those red jackets, a bit of blue.

The 27th Ligne, painted and based for Napoleon.

Perry French of the 1812-15 period, under a Victrix flag which would suggest they are of no later than 1813. By comparison to painting Brits, the French are very easy to do, and the flags supplied with the Victrix and Perry French add a really nice finishing touch.

Although obviously ideal for my own rules too, I have plans, of a loose nature for a small army for the Austrian and Russian campaigns of 1809-12 once the British are done. These chaps will help add to that. along with the Hat Bavarians, whenever they get released...


  1. Nice work indeed...!

    I'll take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year - have enjoyed the blog this year...

    PS. Shouldn't you be in the mountains by now?? :o))

  2. Thanks Steve, sadly the whole mountains thing is a contentious issue this year. The short answer is I couldn't afford to go this year; maybe in a year or two I'll get to go again....

  3. Beautiful painting, nice figures. Enough said!