Thursday, December 17, 2009

Houses and Hovels

Knowing our plans for our next Napoleonics game, and as stated before, wanting some more generic, and more intact, club buildings; I finished off three more houses from my sheet of Foam board.

One larger house, in the style of Southern French villages; and before anyone queries that, it is a lot like the older houses in the villages and towns I used to work in out there. Two hovels or huts suitable for any period from ancients onwards, and Fantasy too.

A less over exposed General Bartlett gives a good impression of scale. Even the huts have a substantial footprint for a 28mm model. Ideal for regular gaming. The painting is a simple base coat of emulsion, dry-brushed with progressive layers of browns, through sandy shades to pure white. Roofs done similarly from a reddish brown or chocolate base. The bases were a frankly too bright green emulsion base, toned down with a Rifle-Green wash and the dry-brushed yellowish greens and light browns.

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