Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Terrain

A quick snap of two buildings I made for the club. Not great picture quality, but you’ll get the point. Having done a lot of historical terrain, I felt I owed the many Sci-Fi gamers something they could claim exclusive use of, and so a Pringles can was turned into the classic ‘Fuel silo’.

The paint scheme was meant to look rusty and run down, but the yellow was not a good choice, and to my mind the model looks like two swollen Bees!

Secondly a normal, everyday building. The first of several, made from a sheet of foam card I had lying around for years. The roof is simply reinforced corrugated card with box card glued on top to form a tile/slate roof. This building will suit everything from Warhammer to WW2.

Knowing how club scenery can get treated at times, both were affixed to sturdy based of hardboard.

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