Saturday, December 05, 2009

November Pledge Results

There goes November, and despite some purchases it was a productive month. At the very last I got my output for the Anglo Portuguese finished, The 66th Berkshires (under a temporary flag of convenience – if you can show me the correct one I’ll be much obliged) made an appearance on the last day of the month:

Nicely varied in detail, these chaps have been busy campaigning and haven’t the tidy new issue of overalls of my other Perry Battalion.
And so here is a photo of the Army progress to date:

Five completed units and two more with oddments to add making for a total of 139 figures; about half way to the basic formation of the army.

Additionally at the end of the month I did another commission/trade job for Trevor. He provided me with a pile of 15mm figures suitable for Spanish troops and I’ve duly painted the first of them; the Princesa Regiment, circa 1808-9:
And with some successful sales, that leaves the end of the month totals as a not unacceptable:

Bought: 812
Painted: 849
Sold: 464

I’m not counting figures traded for painted as either bought or sold, but it’s a policy minefield when it comes to that one!

Looking good to stay in a profit for the year, with another 60 odd figures set for painting before the end of the month. But of course there is another show to consider, and the slim pickings of xmas presents….

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