Friday, November 20, 2009

Totenkopf Division

Yes, yet another Rapid fire battalion, this time a well tooled up SS formation. Normally I don’t like to do SS troops, but I made an exception to allow me to do their fancy camouflage smocks and tool out the models with all the best toys.

These represent i. Battalion SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 Theoder Eicke of the Totenkopf Division, as they would have appeared around Summer 1944.

On top of the usual selection of firearms, the Battalion also gets a 75mm Pak 40 and IG18 infantry gun (the slightly disappointing Hät models, nice guns terrible crew). Additionally they have plenty of Panzerfausts and even a Panzershreck.

Another 49 figures painted and hopefully another £50 into the wargames kitty when I get round to selling them...

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