Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Le Harve - the game!?!

I turned up late on Thursday, but still managed to score a game, this one being one of those euro-trading-games, about as far removed from wargaming as you can get.

Tricky to explain, but it made sense soon enough when played, each player is basically a businessman trying to expand his business whilst feeding his staff and staying out of debt.

My approach of ensuring I could always feed my people and controlling the shipbuilding industry which seemed important to the game, was good enough to snag second in a game cut short by time constraints. It's a nice touch that the cards produce your own little dockside panorama!

If you like visualising yourself in control of a business empire, managing assets and trying to trade with other players, this could be the game for you; though it is not terribly fast paced, and not for everyone!

1 comment:

  1. feeding the staff, isnt it enough having to pay emm!!!!!!!

    Dave T