Monday, November 30, 2009

Plastics on the way...

So, regular readers will know I love plastic figures, yes they take more time to prepare, yes sometimes the detail is a little compromised - if that sort of thing is you priority, fine - and yes, the available ranges are limited. But on that last point they are expanding every month.

First to catch my eye is the preview sets of vikings available from Wargames Factory:

A set of eight figures for $4.95 (about £3.20, not including postage though). As you can see from the sprue image above, the quality of WF's computer generated masters has come on a long way since the Romans they first released only a year or so ago.

Painted up they look even better:

Elsewhere, another British company is quietly developing a new range of Plastic Ancients :

Immortal Miniatures is to bring out a range of plastic hoplites some time next year, the sooner the better I say!

And lastly, these chaps are already widely available but pretty new and in the interests of balance, I present one of the first independent ranges of plastic fantasy figures to appear on the market.

From around 60p a figure ~(depending on the bundle you buy) these represent a huge saving on GW products. So far Elven infantry and artillery are available, with metal character figures; and plastic cavalry on the way. Personally I'm not a fan of the styling, but next up as apparently the Undead; which could be a more exciting proposition.

It's a good time for 28mm plastic models.

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  1. The major issue with Mantic Games is they are not compatible with GW miniatures and do not seem to fit well with any other line. This is a massive let down. A lot of people I know were so happy prior to release and then hit the doldrums once it was shown they are completely different scales. I would have picked them up in droves. This, I think, will mean they will never get the exposure they would have had. Huge mistake by Mantic.