Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st New York Dismounted

After several months of not touching the American Civil War project for a variety of reasons, I finally got round to some of the small additions needed to finish the army.

Firstly, thanks to Trevor, I got some dismounted cavalry figures to build a complimentary force to my mounted cavalry. Now most of the club players used Perry plastics to represent dismounted cavalry, but for me they didn't work. Instead I've lucked into a unit of Foundry figures , also sculpted by the Perries:

An absolute breeze to paint compared to all the fussy details of Napoleonic uniforms!

After Fiasco, I also have a field piece and a Brigadier to paint up. That'll finish the basic force; though inevitably, if I make more use of the models (and that is why Trevor is helping me scratch together the gaps in my force, to build his large collection a proper opponent!) I'll carelessly buy some more models.

By the hundred...

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