Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A little commission - 42nd Highlanders

As part of a mutually agreeable arrangement, I find myself exchanging bare 28mm metal for painted 15mm. I of course am getting to keep the 28mm, but Trevor from the club wanted some Highlanders painted in exchange.

No basing was required, and Trevor said I could keep it simple, nothing fancy was needed. Still I think I got a little carried away...
26 figures, done with a simple black lining technique. After basecoating the models black, simply paint upto the edges of everything in an appropriate colour, leaving as narrow a line of black showing as possible. With practice and a steady hand you can do a lot this way, and the odd blip won't show. For the straps though, the only sensible option is to paint the whole coat, then re do the straps; first in black, then in white.

As for over-egging the pudding, well, just like my 28mm's Trevor gets a Company of Grenadiers and a Light Company, distinguished by their Hackles and straps. And of course I had a stab at doing the tartan too. In fact though never worn in battle the models have sporrans so they got covered as well. Don't they look smart?!

As to the models themselves, they're Minifigs I think They have the tell tale Minifigs heads, where the helmet straps make them look as wide as a dinner plate, and a surprisingly delicate anatomy.

Good fun and quick to do; even better they get me 12 Scots Grey's to paint for myself!

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  1. Have they sporrans because they're Crimean war figures perhaps?
    ...anyway the Scots Greys spent the Napoleonic wars in Cornwall on anti-smuggling duty....