Friday, October 31, 2008

Waaagh additions and October painting totals

OK so as promised, here is the completed tank from the 'How To'. It's a Looted Wagon under the new rules, inspired by the Epic scale Seigfried light tank. In fairness it's more inspired by the availability of a cheap 'Tonka Toy' bulldozer, which I was able to convert.

Painting aside, the most pleasing feature of this vehicle is that it comes with its' own sound effects! The original toy had a friction motor (ditched) and sound, light and movement effects. In the build I was able to preserve the sound board, so when you press the cowling on the bonnet the dozer blade lifts up and the horn sounds! Childish fun.

The turret came from a bleach bottle in the recycling at home, the flamer barrel was part of a Robogear piece left over from the other builds. The bulldozer itself was a mere £3; money well spent.
Other than those, the two Killer Kans are also finished. I added more details to the both before beginning to paint them, and following the same basic process as the wagon, these chaps came together in no time at all.

This one I've now dubbed 'Uggy':

And here is 'Eggy':
And here they are together:

Next up for these are the characters, and that'll do for now. I'll have a good 750 points painted, which serve me for the time being. The rest can be tucked away for the winter if needed.

So what of the painting totals for the month?

October started well, but my trip to Fiasco threw it all to pot. Painting total now stand at:

Bought: 227
Painted: 364
Sold: 80
Having spent much of the month working on vehicles, the result looks pretty bad, and to be fair it is smaller than I'd have liked. Still a rapid fire battalion of Germans are half finished on the table at the moment, ready for eBay of course. November should start strong, but will finish early. So no better than a 2:1 ratio is likely for the year now, not bad, but my buying habits scuppered doing better.


  1. There is a problem with the pictures, they do do appears, mostly them with a "+" in the name.

  2. Hmm, so I see! Not sure about that, but the '+'s shouldn't be there. I'll see if I can fix it. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Brilliant work! Again so inspiring! Thanks for the tutorial below as well.