Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recent club activity

Some recent-ish photo's from the Leeds' NightOwls club as I try to get the blog up to date. On this particular night I rocked up with nothing arranged and ended up playing Uncharted Seas (the photo's being used in an earlier entry).

Elsewhere members of the club (mainly it must be said from the older age-range and mostly dyed in the wool historical gamers) were trying out rules for their Perry Miniatures inspired club ACW project. The figures look quite nice on table, but the variety of painting standards didn't appeal to me, and neither did the rather bizarre basing convention they'd settled on of one figure behind another on a 25mm x 50mm base.

In their defence, it's none of my business how they choose to play it as it is a war I've really no interest in gaming. I'll play anything, sure, but I don't collect a number of periods or systems as other than as a game they have no interest. The American Civil War is certainly one of those.

Not dissimilar for me is Battle Fleet Gothic, A game I'd play but almost certainly not have considered buying any models for, that said when you see the quality of the finished models in the hands of a quality painter:

Dan's second generation Tau fleet (deliberately Star Fleet inspired)

...or what can be achieved by using leftovers and bits of other models:

Ross' Dark Eldar - made from their 28mm brethren's jetbikes and so forth

...there is a certain temptation. But the rules themselves seemed to take a long time to get much of a result; and besides, I'm really not in a position to try anything new just now.

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