Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Armageddon it

Another opportunity to play Epic a while back saw me field my new Ork Gargant and Gunfortress; much to the surprise of my opponent (clearly, not readers of the blog) who didn't think I had such a thing.

The scenario was again the Orks trying to storm an imperial defensive line, this time skirting a city. Also the forces were larger - 3000 points - and the imperial forces were divided between Space Marines and guard.

The Imperial might, including these Baneblades was mainly hunkered down.

Whilst the Orkses formed a cloud of dust approaching en-masse.

The heavy handed outflanking tactics of my previous foray with the Orks worked ok, but the enemy was able to use the tactical flexibility of the Marines to counterstroke most moves.

I paid too dearly for a foothold in the centre of the town too, losing my Gargant in the process.

Overall it was a tactical draw, with my securing of one objective in the city, however in terms of losses the Orks were a spent force, and the Imperials though badly blooded could regroup to defend at least half the city effectively.

If there is any criticism I'd make it was that we couldn't play the scenario out to a full conclusion, just managing to scrape through two out of the four notional turns in 5 hours. On a small table, with lots of terrain, Epic plays slow, as everything can always act on something; there are no approach moves. Maybe next time we'll butt two 6x4's together and keep the same level of terrain and see what happens.


  1. Nice report, always good to see Epic being played and your forces looked great!

    My only query is how it took 5 hours to get through 2 turns? How many points was this?

    I managed to get through 2 3000pt games on Friday evening.

    Yes I play Epic on Friday nights...

  2. I think it's the combination of too much terrain, too many defences and too small a table. In my few games back when I had an 8x5 table, even the Orks would spend turns just manouvreing towards the enemy. It made for a faster game for sure. On this occaision set up took an age too.

  3. Nice.

    I love the Orc FT-17!