Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last addition to the Dogs for now.

Well unless something changes to give me time to do the unit of Pikemen I have waiting attention some day.

This is Klaus Von Mettwurst; who'll serve as Army General in larger games. I wanted to introduce something unique and fantastic to the army, to give it a blatant fantasy aspect. The army list allows for certain characters to be mounted on a Pegasus, so that seemed a reasonable starting point. However, I quite fancied something a little rarer. So a quick eBay purchase supplied some wings, and a forum associate did a trade on a model lion from the Elven Chariot kit. The rider was already in my supply of knights bought in the first round of the army assembly, and is I think the current Empire General model.

As it was marrying white metal wings to a plastic body, the creation of this model was always going to be difficult; much hacking and carving later and the wings slotted in to the body. The saddle and wing joints were made of modelling putty, in such a way as the joins were all covered and the general didn't need gluing to the model to sit securely in place.

At first the model was pinned to a rock, but the balance was never right and eventually it pitched itself off my modelling 'table' on to the floor and broke off the base. Hence the rather simple and low flying base it now has.

The photo's don't do justice to the details in places, but it's not my best work, and frankly I was glad to see the back of it!

Here is the back of it:

And with that, the army goes into storage; I'm not quite sure on that though, and I may yet end up selling them on. Trouble is, that to make them a playable force, albeit a small one, I'd really need to paint up the second unit of pike. Is there enough time to do that I wonder, what with the other projects I have on the go...


  1. I like the wings on that. Are they from a Pegasus model or some other kit?

  2. If I recall correctly they are an old Bretonnian Hippogriff model's wings. I got them from eBay as that anyhow. I like how they look big enought to possibly lift the weight of the lion...