Monday, October 20, 2008

Orc Civil Waaaagh

Another day another game; well, it'd make sense in a gaming blog wouldn't it.

I took my Orc & Goblin army out for a session, as I'd been forced to pull it out of one storage site to transfer it to another, I figured I ought at least to use it at some stage in between. On the day though the only other Fantasy player in the club with 2000 points to play with was another O&G player. So it was going to be a civil war!

My army was light on characters and special troops and so numbered about 200 figures, Loosely speaking three large blocks of Orcs, A smaller unit of Savage orcs, two skirmish lines of goblin bowmen, a mass of Goblin spears, Spider Riders, Wolf Riders, a Ballista, a Doom Diver catapult and some modest heroes and wizards.
His was the opposite, focusing on some powerful characters (one was worth the same as all four of mine) and several war machines; and even with two large units of goblins, was little over half the size of mine.

The battle progressed well for me, with my centre marching hard behind screens of goblin bowmen, whilst my cavalry outmanoeuvred his. Though we suffered a slight reverse on the left when first the goblin bowmen and then the unit of 36 spears backing them up fled, the attacking Spider riders, Pump wagon and Chariot were effectively out of the battle as a result of the delay these caused.
In the centre his trolls came up against frenzied Savage Orcs in the field and were thouroughly beaten; at about the same time , I successfully got of the incredible "Gorks Warpath" spell, and gave four of his units a good kicking with it. At the back my wolf riders wiped out all his artillery before turning on the rear of his goblins, My warboss too was busy killing outclassed gobbo's, and as a result on the last turn his only Orc unit was charged on two sides, with two units moving up to help finish him off. Unsurprisingly they were destroyed!

A great and solid victory, showing that a no frills army can win in Warhammer against a gimmicky tooled up one. This was a victory for better generalship, something I certainly don't always manage! But it does mark the start of a much better run of luck on the table for me. Some may recall this time last year I was in the midst of a three month victory drought. No such problems at the moment, as future posts will reveal!


  1. ..your guys were obviously enraged by the square footage of unpainted opposition.... :o))

  2. The dice rolls seemed to apply the 'best painted army wins' approach. To be fair to the guy, he at least has tried, some club members havent even bothered painting things, which I find annoying. Hmmm blog article forming.....

  3. At least the guy tried, but I still have a hard time seeing an unpainted army on the table. Call me elitist but it was a full 18 months before my Skaven saw the tabletop, because that's how long it took to paint them.