Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to: paint weathered vehicles

In a rare moment of organisation, I managed to get a shot of every stage in the painting of one of my current models. Part of the reason for this is that it represents a honing of my new technique for doing extremely battered looking vehicles. Many of the painting guides will give you a different technique for chipped paint, but I always felt that unless done in very modest amounts it looked very false; This is my solution.

Now when I say weathering, I mean here, really heavy weathering, rust and steel show most everywhere there is an edge on the vehicle and the effect of the paint job is to represent bubbling and blistering paint. This is pretty far from a factory fresh result.

The model in point is one for my Ork army, but don't let that hold you back; the techniques would apply as easily to any well worn historical vehicle, from WW1 to Gulf War2! Where I talk about dags, think of tank numbers and so forth, and it'll soon make sense for any model.

That said, common sense will be needed, before attempting this with 15mm models or smaller!

And you can see the finished model in a day or two...

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  1. Woah Great job! this is fantastic! I wonder how I can apply this to A deth Chopper. Also I now know how to the checker pattern thing thank you!