Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bavaria: 1st Dragoons

So, these were completed thanks to insomnia on Christmas Eve, before setting out to do the Xmas festiveness; still you make the use of the time as and when you can.

roughly half of the Bavarian cavalry regiments were Dragoons, the others being Chevaux Leger, who visually at least are basically different coloured coats and little more, Nevertheless Warrior do make distinct miniatures for each...

I also finished an infantry commander at the same time.  He'll pass for a Brigadier, but not much higher a rank.  Curiously, Warrior do not make Bavarian generals, as I suspect they think French commanders would normally be in charge!

Here he's accompanied by a Grenadier captain of the fifth regiment.
That's not bad progress for this year, hopefully we can get another foot regiment or two done in January, but I'll be away some of it so one can't count ones' chickens.


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