Monday, December 24, 2018

T'was the Fight Before Xmas...

...And all thru the house, all the creatures were fighting, to the death or the rout!

 For Santa was lingering in his magical village,
But five armies of evil arrived, it to pillage!

Frost giants, and Kobolds, and Orcs with their kin,
And hordes of the Undead; all hearts full of sin,

 And lo, did the greenskin send gigantic Trolls,
to sit on poor Santa, to keep him controlled,

 Whilst Santa was trapped the Skeletons fought,
Both undead commanders keen not to get caught,
But each also maneuvered to fend off  more rivals
Slaying Dogmen and Goblins by stabbing their vitals!

 Lo, Giants so frosty, tho towering and tall,
Could hardly fight anyone properly at all,
And several fell to the claws of the Wocky
Whose acid and claws stopped them being too cocky!

 For though the village let them sneak up on kidnappers,
A blast from the Kobolds sent them off like the clappers!

 And whilst Santa by Trolls, was slowly deflated,
The Dogmen beat the Giants and so were elated,
Five giants arrived via their magic portal,
And four swiftly returned with wounds proving mortal,

Lo, Santa remained a captive of Greenskins,
Yet glory still beckoned, and undead would seek him,
The chariots rumbled and charged into battle,
But the Trolls that received them defended their chattel,

And soon the undead crumbled into the snow,
And the threats from their peer group force them to go,
Defeated and weakened once force thus retired,
And the other undead troop to glory aspired,

But time was a wasting and their roll of the dice,
Was too late a gamble, so the victors in vice,
Were the feindish Hobgoblins and Orcs, large and small,
Who looted poor Santa of toys for one and all!

So if you see Santa on this Christmas eve,
And he's covered in bandages and look ill at ease,
Consider that maybe he just had a fight,
And hope that he has more fortune tonight!