Sunday, December 16, 2018

Terrain updates.

A few weeks ago I was able to retrieve some of my remaining collection from storage with family, this resulted in my finding myself with four new armies, lots of figures to add to a fifth project and a bunch of scenery; the vast majority of all in dire need of updating.

Some of these jobs were going to be easier than others; I've quickly turned around some of the easiest.

FIrst off I decided to tackle a couple of my old Viking/Medieval buildings.  Here's a very old photo of them from the blog; in fact the only one I could the distance:

Not great resolution
You can make out the thin, curling, card covered with green flock.  Top notch.  The bases went swiftly, and were replaced with thick MDF and texture:

 It's also clear here that the model's had variable paint jobs, the stone hut is kinda okay, but the wattle and daub hut needed a fairly complete revision.  None of which took too long though:

A bit better
Layering and dry-brushing sorted the buildings, whilst the usual terrain base formula was used.  These will find a new home on any number of battlefields.

I also had some trees, good for 15mm scales and above.  But their basing was in need of a rework; here again we use the wayback machine to see how they looked in 2006:


Nice models though.  Better bases were all that was needed:

 Also some Merit fir trees, Zvezda and others have subsequently produced these; I think they are pretty good actually:

There are a few more bits to tackle, but they can wait.  These will all come in handy however.


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