Thursday, January 03, 2019

Imperial Assault: Skirmish Mode

After an eternity, longer than it takes to crank out a Star Wars sequel anyway, I had the chance to get the Imperial Assault minis back on the table in the last month or so.

Not in campaign mode however, myself and Gav - for a change of pace - tried the Skirmish mode, a head to head wargame mode with some role-play wrinkles thrown in.

Darth Vader leads a Raid on a Cantina hiding Rebel scum 
The mechanics are largely the same, but given the rebel player is no longer comprised of heroes, the game plays more the less like the Imperial role in Campaign mode for both sides, with simpler actions, but special orders cards to add back a level of uncertainty.

Local drinkers are quickly dispatched 
Whilst there may be issues with certain troops being very powerful (Darth Vader is a beast), this all works very well, and as can be seen, with painted models on the lovely terrain tiles, looks glorious.

Red robes support the Sith lord against Han and Chewie 
Having the rare novelty of playing the Rebels, I soon found myself outgunned and outmanoeuvred.  Gav led the shiny forces of evil forward in a way that cost scarcely a Stormtrooper even.

It's not going well  
Turns out Droids are a bit of a points sink when you don't have enough firepower to back them up.

  Chewbacca in deep doodoo...
The Imperials were soon triumphant.  But the main benefit of this was to establish the IA in Skirmish mode is actually a fine game I should have been playing more of for a long time.

 Sad losses to the Rebellion
Given the difficulty of running the campaign (Read - organising sessions, herding even a very small number of cats is still hard!), I think I will be rolling this out instead, and it may prompt me to paint the last couple of miniatures I have knocking around too.

Oh, and buy some more rebellion troopers, or maybe some new heroes, or add some mercenaries, or......



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