Wednesday, December 05, 2018

A Grand, a General and a (tiny) Rant

Well I say!  It happens that this is my One Thousandth post; and it only took 12 and a half years to reach that stage.  It would appear I've done quite a lot of blathering on however.

Blogging is not always something I enjoy, but I've persisted.  Presently I'm not doing much in the way of think pieces, mainly as the internet is full of this:

which means you're wrong...
And I guess after 12 years, you get sick of people thinking their opinion is welcome in your diary!

Instead, lets just be safe and look at some painting wot I done to celebrate.  Here for your delectation is General Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole:

Over there... 
Cole Served in India, Italy (at Maida) and in the Peninsular, commanding Wellington's 4th Division.  In this role he fought at Albuhera, Salamanca and Vittoria amongst others.

Sorry, no.  Over there.
With him here I added a Colonel for the 2nd Guards, using a spare command figure from a mass of oddments I was gifted years ago, and an overcoat from the Victrix French set.  The combination looks really satisfying.

Unlike the combination of anonymity and strong WiFi connections....


Don't hold your breath for post number 2,000, it'll still be a while!



  1. Great looking command stand and congratulations on your 1,000 post. That is an impressive milestone!

  2. Congratulations! I have a long way to go to catch up.

  3. Im with you on this Im afraid, although sometimes I just cant hold my peace and 'have' to have my rant. I class it more as a sensible observation but given the crass stupidity of modern views clearly it will always pee someone off.