Sunday, February 05, 2017

Vapnartak 2017

Just a quick post with a handful of photo's to reflect a short trip to the first local wargames show of the year.  I don't always go to the York show, maybe only every third year or so, but it doesn't change much; I don't suppose many shows do.  I could find some of my preferred traders by memory from the last time I was there...

Anyway, you can't deny it's one of the better venues for a gaming show.  But like most wargaming shows I still just found myself skimming the displays, avoiding the participation games (personal preference) and running around the traders as fast as possible.  Anyway here are a few photo's of some of the games.

First up a huge Warhammer/9th Age game; the Norse facing assorted Lizardmen hordes.

A WWI game in the Middle East by the looks of it.

 Leeds Nightowls had a small Lion Rampant game on.

 A nice repurposing of the Saga rules to the Bronze Age; pleasant scenery.

 Meanwhile in the Sudan; good use of off-the-shelf scenic pieces again.

 Lastly, there is always the same 'style' of game in the same spot each time I'm here.  As you no doubt have noticed over the years, I don't get many details of the games I see at shows down, unless I'm really, really struck by them.  Here it is once again; lots, and lots of scenery surrounds what amounts to a static display 6x4 foot game.  English Cvil War...

Of course there were many other games on show, but many passed me by, too many games of Wings of War, and my dismissive scan of one branded fantasy game seemed only to disappoint the lonely proprietor.  Ah well... Personally I only really go to Wargames shows to get a feel for whats out there (being rubbish at keeping up with the rumour mill) and increasingly to pick up books.

Overall I spent about £40, mostly on a book of scenarios for the American War of 1812 and some Perry French Napoleonics.

It was a nice trip out, but I couldn't stay long.  Not being there to play games, even with a huge site I was done in a couple of hours.  A good show; I just wonder sometimes if I'm show people...


  1. Thanks for the photos we visited too....had a fun time mainly due to some excellent bargains. York did feel smaller and a bit more of the same. But I'm trying not to be judgemental. Might bite the bullet and put on a game next year instead....we'll see🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting our show. Glad you had a good time. Great shots of the display and participation games.