Monday, February 06, 2017

Conan: Adventurous Heroes and Tentacles...

So an army of Picts needs opposition, and more besides.  Given the simple technique I've elected to adopt for these models it was going to be easy to crank out the basic set of heroes for some scenarios.  After all, Most of the Conan models are dressed in a fairly skimpy manner.

Conan himself, of course

Shevetas; master thief

Balthus the archer 
Hadrathus the Sorcerer

Belit - Pirate Queen

Valeria of the Red Brotherhood

A princess - a useful model

Tentacles - what lies beneath?
Only the tentacles were handled at all differently, being so dark and simple they gained a couple of liberal highlight layers before the glaze, whilst the bases are a pleasing graduated shade for swampy, peaty, deep water; finished with a couple of layers of gloss.

All set for a game this Thursday....

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