Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Conan: Take your Picts

Remember when I dumped a pile of money on Conan - the adventure game by Monolith last year?

Well I did, and I finally got around to doing something with it.  Not playing yet, though I have read the rules and look to get a game arranged very soon.  Rather I sorted through the models a while back, and it got me to thinking. 'Hmm, there's probably a couple of Dragon Rampant forces in this box'; essentially.

In fact I think with careful planning the core set would field one or two forces, and the expanded Kickstarter set I invested in will form four or even five armies for DR.  Looking at the models I would want for initial scenarios in the Conan game itself, I opted to paint up a force of Picts.  So here we go:

So First up, a unit of 4pt Bellicose Foot.  Now the most obvious point here is, yes the poses are all the same.  These are models from a board game essentially, so the great variety of models included is compromised by limited poses for the rank and file troops.  The Picts are troglodyte-esque with a hint of Native Americans about them, so I elected to add warpaint - as shown on the unit cards in the game.  This also meant that leaders for units could be distinguished with additional red paint.

Those that go Before
 Next we have a Unit of Scouts at 2pts.  The proportion of warriors in the box are such that subsequent units have a leader from their number to bring them up to six models.

The Great Wielders of Pain
 Here is a unit of Elite Infantry, for 6pts.  Basing is simple to allow the models to blend into board game tiles as well as wargame terrain.

The Hunting Pack
 Here a unit of Lesser Warbeasts, with the Cunning special rule added for a total of 6pts.  The Hyenas are models that paint up better than they look, and I was pleased with the finish I got.

Zogar Sag and Fang
 Lastly, a reduced model count unit of Heavy Infantry with the Wizardling special rule, for a final 6pts.  Here Fang the Snake bears a burden of wounds, being effectively 11 wounds to Zogar's one.  Making this unit Heavy Infantry, seemed to suit the slower nature of a 50 foot long snake and its' spindly master, as well as a more defensive, ambush favouring fighting style.

So a round 24 points of troops, with a variety of troops, rather different from my Kobold army.  These came together pretty quickly, for as you may be able to tell, they have a shaded glaze finish; its' worked very well here.  More on the process in a subsequent post perhaps.

Next up, a few heroes to face them...


  1. Those are great. One of these days I'll bring myself to do 28mm Fantasy stuff again - I miss it.