Sunday, February 26, 2017

Step by Step Picts

Oh, hey!  I seem to recall saying I'd do this earlier. So here are the photo's of the paint sessions that went to assembling my Pict force for Conan/Dragon Rampant.  These don't form a step-by-step guide per-se, more a log of how long the process took.

Session 1 
The first session was fairly easy, being a fast application of generic fleshtones in artist acrylics.  This took only about 40 minutes, and it showed in the results - being in no way good enough to serve as anything other than an undercoats.  Still, a start.

Session 2
 Up to a couple of hours work here; during which the proper flesh tones were applied.  Working with a live palette, I painted four or five random warriors one shade before adding a little darker colour to the mix for the next batch.  The Hyena's used one of the base tones with extra browns to vary it up and make it more animalistic.  The shaman got a special pale shade and, well the snake is obviusly different,

Session 3 
A solid three and a half hours plodding through the loincloths, weapons and so forth.  Again, painting four or five items the same brown, then mixing a different shade into it to vary the overall look.

Session 4 
Another three hours was spent doing stone mace heads, warpaint, animal markings and so on.  The snake in particular is starting to come to life, but more needs doing.

Session 5 
A final blow out to finish the work; odds and ends like the skulls and bones are finished over the course of another few hours.  More detail on the snake and hyenas, and blue tattoos for the shaman.  Finally a 50/50 wash of glaze and Strongtone has been applied.  (not that you can tell in that rubbish photo!)

Session 6 & 7
And so to finish, the bases are textured with sand, painted with craft acrylics and then dry-brushed a light sand.  In effect two one-hour sessions.

All told that adds up to around 12 hours for a 32 figure army.  If I've recalled my effort correctly.

Not too shabby, though these turned out to be more complicated than I imagined simply looking at them.

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