Saturday, September 03, 2016

High Born and Low Born

I've returned to the Lion Rampant collection - such as it is - again in the last few weeks; managing to paint a couple of units to finally finish the core of my Anglo-Irish wars force.

The first of these was the ever loving agony that is painting entirely yellow heraldic livery:

 Historically accurate liveries sourced once again from the Deering Roll, to go with the theme of the force I wanted only Yellow and red liveries were selected.  Which once again meant applying layer, after layer, after sodding layer of yellow.  Eight to be clear to get the effect I wanted.

Lord Hastinge on the Right

 A long and rather tiresome job, but the effect is satisfactory.  By comparison the unit of Yeomen I followed them up with were far more straightforward.

Marches Militia
 Pulled from Garrison duty, I built this unit to have an intentionally dated appearance.  As garrison troops for Lord Hastinge, they have rather old and faded tunics in the lords colours, but their shields have had a fresh lick of paint to make it clear whose side they're on.

These troops provide some cheap troops to back up the regulars.  They were also a lot easier to finish up.

These give me a full 24+ points of troops for LR.  I think I have another 3 or so units I can fit in the store box for the army so although a completed project I'm not done with them yet.

Still, it's all good.  Getting near to the end of summer and free time for painting will soon run out; so good to get these out the way.


  1. Lovely figures .......the yellow is very yellow and dramatic, I find it hard to be so bold with colours 😀

  2. I understand your grief on yellows. Try Dulux Mixer paint samples. Around £3 for a sample pot which is 10 times bigger than a pot of GW/Vallejo paint, but most of all very thick with great cover. You might still need two coats but generally that will give great cover, and very wide range of colours. Great job on the minis btw.

  3. Great colors and beautiful paint job!