Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dragon Rampant: a Small Battle

Another game, out of order as is my want at the moment, at least I'm catching up on some overdue wargaming activity.

A few weeks back I was at a regular home venue for a game against Joe.  We were to try our hand at Dragon Rampant, in a battle of the weakest and feeblest fantasy warriors; my Kobolds dwarfed by Joe's Night Goblins!

As best I recall we went for a simple Bloodbath scenario, but the troops drifted into the battlefield using move orders rather than open deployment, as the book says to add a little spice.  The battlefield itself centred on a ruined evil temple, clearly recently dispossessed of its' old master and open to new tenants, it would be the case that one group of nefarious scavengers or another would try to take control of the place.

 My Kobolds swarmed onto the field, showing more initial enthusiasm than the Goblins, and rushing the edge of the temple grounds.  Their Jabberwocky influencing their drive forward.

 Eventually the Goblins decided to turn up.

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 The Jabberwocky encircled the temple whilst Kobold Skirmishers and warriors clambered the temble mount.  My brutal monster fell upon goblin Squig riders, and in a short bloody battle was...

 Not victorious.

Soon after attacking goblins dealt with my collection of giant insects too.  The Kobolds somewhat recoiled, but from this stage onwards we began to depend on our weakest troops rather than the mightiest.  In particular my scouts were to prove MVP on the day, whittling away at the enemy with crossbow bolts, whilst routinely evading attack.

 The Bugbears and trolls lined up for a battle, but after a little encouragement from the Kobold sorcerer and his spells, they gradually found other more important places to be.

By now the Goblins were trying their best to take control of the temple, but they couldn't pin down my feisty scouts.
 Indeed by this stage, many of the goblin troops had withered away, and the surviving Kobolds were starting to encircle the temple and the handful of Squig riders left in it.  At this stage the game ended.

Although Joe held the high ground, I had managed to inflict heavy losses, completing key boasts in the process.  IN the end I think it was about an 8-2 victory to the Kobolds.

As is the case with both LR and DR, it was a swingy game with lots of challenging moments, but good fun as ever.  These are a brace of rules that just keep giving in my opinion.

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