Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Crusading we will Go...

I make no apologies for the fact that if I manage to get some actual game reports up in the next few weeks, those who played in them will be aware they are out of sequence, and for usual readers they may seem a bit scant on detail.  One of the things that really slowed down my blogging of late has been finding the time or willingness to write up long-winded narratives for games.

Which cyclically leads to my eventual recollection of the game being limited to what the photographs remind me of.  Which is less than the fresh memory would've recalled.

Anyhoo.  James T at the club had been itching to try Lion Rampant for a while, having made a start on a Muslim army to fit the rules.  I was happy to oblige and figured my English would double as crusaders without any real issues, other than perhaps their basing!

We rolled the scenario and it required me to traverse the battlefield in the face of the enemy.  Suddenly a 6'x4' table seemed enormous.

My desert cloth set off a reasonable battlefield
 The Muslims began in two forces split ahead and to my left.  I decided to try and beat them in detail and so set off to my left to engage the enemy.  If I could defeat this force before the other arrived I might spare my strength and be able to overwhelm both groups.

A general advance
 For JT's part, he appeared to want to encircle me, but his commander and some infantry held beck, steadily failing activation rolls.  This left a gap; I covered my right flank with my billmen and pressed to the left.
 Eventually after some wily manoeuvring on his part, I was able to catch the enemy and swiftly put one troop of horse to the lance point and sword.

This is what you get for being unpainted! ;-)
 Alas a counter attack caught my men off guard and in the retreat panic set in amongst them, carrying my leader from the field.  A classic command disaster for me!

Run away!!!
 The rest of my force held, but with no mounted power and few missile weapons, against a force largely of mounted bowmen, things looked dire.

 Slow as they were my foot were made of steely stuff, and men at arms without horses bravely took on JT's leader, and gave great sacrifice against him.  Before also falling or retreating.  My spearmen finished the job, and the enemy proved less than happy.  Elsewhere my skirmishers were proving man of the match, outfighting, out manoeuvring and outshooting the enemy horse.  Suddenly we had them on the back foot with only infantry left.

 Indeed at games end only one beleaguered unit of Muslim infantry was left.  Tactical victory was mine.

However such is the way of Lion Rampant, that the terms of the scenario, plus the Boasts meant that I in fact lost, as my key troops had gone and tactically JT had achieved more of his aims.  Strategically he had won the long game.

All in all good fun, and nice to get some historical gaming in.

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