Sunday, September 25, 2016

16eme Regiment d'Infanterie Legere

Pleasingly swift production of another regiment of French troops for my Penisular War forces.  The 16eme were formed in 1793 and served in Germany, Austria and at various stages, Spain - fighting at Talavera, Fuentes De-Onoro and Albuera amongst others.

 These are the Hat Light infantry set once again, a set that whilst they may lack a little detail are comparatively easy to paint, and anatomically some of the best proportioned models available.  One box of marching poses and one box of command is enough for two 24 man regiments plus plenty of spares, add a third box of marching or skirmishing poses and you could just about squeeze four regiments out of them, not bad for £20-30!

Grenadier Company with Sappeur
This is my third French or allied regiment this year and brings the army to a respectable 10 regiments of formed infantry.  Still some way to go, not least as my Anglo-Iberian opposition already have 13 regiments.  But this is all heading in the right direction...