Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Gift of Command

My main opponent for the Napoleonics these days is James S, but he's not the healthiest fellow of late and hasn't been able to paint mini's for a while due to his eyesight.  But he has been able to amass a decent collection of rank and file French troops thanks to those souls in China who'd rather be painting miniatures than assembling trainers.

However he had a distinct lack of command figures, and so asked me if I'd be so kind as to paint up a couple of Regimental command sets from Perry Miniatures to give him the necessary leadership for his rank and file.  Given they needed only to match the 'Dip' quality of his main troops I was more than happy to oblige.  I even threw in a couple of mounted commanders (not pictured), because if nothing else he has enough troops to need a Brigadier or two...

The quality of the originals is reflected by the two chaps on the right hand side.  I used a heavier mix of Strongtone than I normally would, over flat unhighlighted shades; much like my 15mm Austrians but on a larger scale.  In some ways I wish I'd done my Napoleonics in this style all along, it would've saved many, many hours effort.  But I is certainly not as nice in the end.

But for James it's proved more than satisfactory, in keeping with all his other troops.

Only too pleased to help.

Also we've scouted out a new venue for big games, giving us time and space to properly play out grand battles; we may start small to get back into the swing of things but an agreement to try and get things going again has been made.

All good.

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