Monday, March 16, 2015

Taudis Français et un Camp Anglais

This week I've not gamed, but I have found time to prepare more terrain for our upcoming duo of Hail Caesar games and for more general use in medieval and dark ages gaming.

Firstly I found two camp elements from my HYW collection, which were based in a typical retro style and in dire need of revamping.  The problem was they were flocked with light-fast static and I'd long baulked at dealing with them or any of the armies I had based with this stuff.  But then I thought 'I wonder if I could simply paint over it?'...

Turns out yes I could.  This proved very easy, and whilst you could feel it give a little under the brush, it was no real issue.  Don't they look nice.

Next on to a couple of buildings:

The thatched hut is made from a variety of card and art board, with a scrap of luric green teddy-bear fur for the roof.

The other is the Warbases Grub Hut, made from laser-cut MDF, with added card details including a shingle roof.  The roof was painted a dark brown then given a layer of Vallejo Smoke (the first good use I've found for it) which added shade and texture; before being vertically streaked with highlights.  Fairly effective.

Two village buildings and some upgraded tents for less than a fiver, you can't really go wrong with that.  Added to what is already available to me they should make for a reasonable battlefield.

Progress on infantry progresses too.  but they are for another day...  It's late.

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